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Misra says part of a fat tax could include a subsidy for healthier products.

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Should the Government Pass a Fat Tax - Article Example

Aug 29, Cutting Calories? Budget by Meal, Not by Day. Aug 28, Aug 23, Disease responses to food products are non-linear in quantity consumed and vary substantially across individuals. Individuals also are heterogeneous with respect to their preferences and self-control.

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A food tax scheme will result in an industry response and may spur both constructive and detrimental innovation. The paper examines many non-insurance-based rationales for a fat tax, including correcting externalities or internalities problems of self-control , alleviating bounded rationality inability to be adequately informed at low cost , and addressing various cognitive or behavioral errors. The optimal form of the tax might be affected by such errors.

Denmark's failed fat tax experiment

For instance, a tax based on energy density rather than components such as fat might best address the obesity epidemic. Preliminary estimates show that such a tax, if focused on foods that are nutritionally poor as well as energy dense, might be quite large compared to existing prices for many such foods. The paper also considers the possibility of basing the tax partially or wholly on certain biomarkers weight, blood chemistry, etc.

Keywords: Fat tax, food tax, junk food, obesity, addiction, self-control, externalities, internalities, adverse selection, moral hazard, incomplete markets, insurance, projection bias, hyperbolic discounting, biomarkers, behavioral economics. Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation.

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How a Fat Tax Could Work

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20% “fat tax” needed to improve population health

This page was processed by aws-apollo2 in 0. Skip to main content. Copy URL. Abstract Public health scholars and practitioners in several countries have called for a broad system of taxes on unhealthy foods, possibly combined with subsidies for certain healthy foods. Register to save articles to your library Register.