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Stuart Hall provides an analysis of cultural identities and what they stand for, their workings and underlying complexities and practices. Hall argues that cultural.

Other Hoi An Hoi An. Folktale Comparison Folktale Comparison. Aunty Tam 1. Aunt Tam is a direct comparison to Aunty Ifeoma in Purple Hibiscus as they're both educated women in a society where they're not considered the norm or generally accepted.

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They are often taunted or mocked regarding their education. Aunt Tam is also similar to Aunty Chinh in a sense, because neither of them is reliant on a man for support. Ton Hang's father 2. Hang's father defied gender roles and stereotypical norms in many ways 2. He would never have survived this humiliation. Constructive argument 3. Houng employs gender roles as a topic through out the novel to chart how characters change over the course of the novel. Some characters, such as Uncle Chinh and Que, are used as stereotypical characters which fit into the traditional side of Vietnamese society while other characters such as Aunt Tam and Ton defy gender roles.

Huong explores how the political and social expectations of society shape gender roles in the characters in this novel. Hang 4. Hang progresses over the book from a young, timid girl who generally conforms to gender based expectations to an independent woman who defies cultural and societal expectations 4. But the truth is the truth.

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Huong may be trying to make a larger commentary on how as modernization occurs and the youth shy away from the Communist rule, they start to develop traditionally Western values too, 4. Hang's character is comparable to that of Kambili. Since both novels are bildungsroman texts, focusing on these two characters as the protagonists, they chart the progression of their characters. The stark difference between the two is that Kambili chooses a more hybrid ending, choosing a middle ground while Hang retaliates and becomes very independent.

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Uncle Chinh 5. We're always bent to his will. Uncle Chinh is used as a comparison to Papa Eugene as they're both similar in many ways, wanting absolute power over everything, rigid in their gender roles and enforcing it on others around them too. Constructive Argument 6. As it's a Bildungsroman novel, Huong utilizes gender roles to chart the characters' progress over the course of the novel. She uses stereotypical characters such as Que and Uncle Chinh to show the traditional side and uses characters such as Ton and Aunt Tam as foils to shower the counterside.


Hang is the primary character who is followed throughout the novel and her gender following norms are also charted over the course of the book. Houng uses gender roles to make a bigger commentary on how modernization through and after the Communist rule is affecting stereotypes within Vietnam.

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Gender roles Context 7. Vietnamese value their traditional ideals of male superiority. The highest status in a household is given to the male and he has absolute authority in his house.

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  6. This authority is rarely is ever questioned. His position as provider of the household is unchallenged and he is expected to take care of his family against all danger.

    Women had limited rights in a family and had to assume a secondary role. She was expected to take care of the household in terms of chores and children and not meant to have any opinion in "manly" aspects such as property and money matters.

    This means that apart from a healthy dose of imagination and creative thinking, literary criticism involves a sober explanation of why and how this or that poem, story, novel or play was written. Whereas a different literary essay example will explore the meaning of a particular piece from their own perspective. In this case, abstraction and subjectivity is key. One has more freedom to convey opinions, reflect on specific moments and reveal personal thoughts using a myriad of literary techniques.

    For instance, one can appeal to emotion with allegory, figurative language, imagery and other narrative forms. The hardest part of creating a readable essay lies in the pitfalls associated with the writing process. While it might seem easy for one to write literary criticism, many notorious mistakes can be done at this point. The number-one problem many people face while creating literary essays is connected with wording.

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