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Stuart Hall provides an analysis of cultural identities and what they stand for, their workings and underlying complexities and practices. Hall argues that cultural.

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If you have a question on the points raised above or you have extra tips on earning online as a Kenyan writer, drop a comment below. Thanks for sharing this blog. It was very nice and helpful.

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Your post will really be a help for a lot of us. Hae am Mary and i love typing. I am able to type at a high speed. Where can i get a typing job that i can be paid through mpesa? Try transcription work. Here are sites where you can get transcription jobs. More details here.

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Hi, am Cy and I love writing fiction. How do I go about it? Hey Chrystn. Good to know you have that talent. Not sure where you want to sell the play — whether online or offline. I do not specialize in plays or online scripts for plays so my best advise would be you do more research on it. Hi Walter, Am good at writing essays about any given topic through research I think I can be of some help to some students and earn money but how will this be possible. After the unfortunate events following the elections, I found myself immersed in writing stories.

I think I have about ten of these. Do you think I can convert them into e-Books and make some money?

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Hello Sharon. That is a great idea. You can publish them on Amazon and get the whole world to see your wonderful stories. Consider hiring someone from Fiverr. Hello Reuben. You can apply for it here. Good article and comments over there. Writing is my passion. Following every bit in this site enlightens me so much, thank you good people for this. I have tasted the sweetness of writing though not online and believe it makes money. My next venture is in the online jobs. Sheeroh and Walter big up! There are so many ways to make money online, yet some people still question whether it is possible to make money online in Kenya.

I think we need to embrace technology if we are to benefit from it. Thanks for sharing these. A wonderful site!

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I must email you for more help. Thanks Virginiah. Only take articles from clients with high approval rates. When done inbox them and tell them something like this:. This post is on point and informative about online jobs. Online jobs is now a source of income to thousands of youths.

This piece by Walter is a game changer to me… I have aspired to write for the past two years but have not gotten the breakthrough to get going… I think I need to begin with articles as opposed to academic writing… Any advice for me as a newbie???? Hi John. Sure you can start with articles. Try out iWriter. All the best.

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Is there possibility of any freelancing work or academic writing for high school graduates about to join university? I really like books, writing and I need to use my knowledge wisely. Sure, you can follow the tips from the article. I know many high school graduates who are doing well as writers.

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Things gone good online. Nothing from social media sites make our youth rich. This is a great blog to share bookmark and beep always. Hi all.. I am realy glad I stumbled on this blog!.. Thanks for your comment Grace. For academic writing trainers, I recommend Ren Mumbo. Hi Walter and Sheeroh, I have never had such an open and helpful discussion.

I also like writing stories. I have completed a fiction story and wanted to have it as an eBook. How do i do that? Hi Ambrose. Additionally, you can sell it on Amazon but you need to convert it to an appropriate format. There are people who can do that for you on Fiverr; very cheaply. I just love what you are doing big bro. You have inspired me a lot from this blog. Big up Walter. I personally do not do homeworks.

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I do article writing. Also consider getting trained by the different trainers around so that you can get started on the right footing. One good trainer you can contact is Ren Mumbo on Facebook.

Just go to Facebook and look up that name. Hi Walter. Hi Nancy. Have you read the article?