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Stuart Hall provides an analysis of cultural identities and what they stand for, their workings and underlying complexities and practices. Hall argues that cultural.

As with an admissions essay on an influential person , you'll want to provide colorful, entertaining, and specific examples of how the person has influenced you. Also, keep in mind that a strong answer provides a window into your life and personality, not just the admirable qualities of the influential person. The ultimate goal of the interviewer is to get to know you better, not the person you admire. Finally, make sure you dress appropriately and avoid common interview mistakes. College interviews are generally congenial exchanges of information, so try to relax and have a good time chatting with the college representative.

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What Would You Do Differently? What Book Do You Recommend? What Do You Do Best? Who Is Your Biggest Influence?

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Allen Grove is an Alfred University English professor and a college admissions expert with 20 years of experience helping students transition to college. A Family Member— For most of us, parents and siblings have a huge impact on our lives.

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Answering with a family member is fairly predictable but also perfectly appropriate. Just make sure you can articulate the specific ways in which the family member influenced you.

The Most Influential Person in My Life

A Teacher— Is there a particular teacher who got you excited about learning, a subject area, or continuing your education? Since you're interviewing in an effort to continue your education, focusing on an educator can be an excellent choice. A Friend— For good or bad, your close friends have a huge influence on your decisions and behavior.

Do you have a close friend who has helped you succeed in high school? Or, depending on how the question is worded, do you have a friend who influenced you in a negative way? A Coach— Coaches often teach us leadership, responsibility and teamwork. As long as your response doesn't reveal that you value athletics more than academics, a coach can be a great choice. Try to articulate how your coach has helped you succeed in areas other than sports. A Community Member— Do you have a mentor in the church or some other community organization?

Community members often teach us to think outside of the narrow sphere of our families. Myself— In truth, you probably are the person who is most responsible for your success. You may, in fact, be self-reliant with no real heroes.

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However, if you answer this question with yourself you will sound self-absorbed and selfish. Colleges want to admit students who help each other out and work as a community. They don't want solitary egotists. The second reason is that the very next day was my birthday. I was turning eight. I suppose for most children it would have seemed strange to be spending their birthday at the former home of a pre-Civil War president.

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To me it only seemed like a long-awaited treat. My Uncle Alex was an amateur Civil War historian with an infectious love of learning.

Alex's sickness took the form of believing that late 19th century American history was more exciting and more worthy of our attention than any other period of human existence. It would prove to be an illness that soon held me under it's spell also. It all started when Alex bought me an Abraham Lincoln action figure for my 4th birthday. I remember unwrapping the gift paper, revealing the strange gaunt figure as my Uncle described to me in hushed tones who this man was and what he had done for our country.

The real gift that Alex gave me over the years, however, was that he never acted as if it were odd for a young boy to have a keen interest in history.

Because staying up late debating whether or not Stonewall Jackson was a hypochondriac was treated as perfectly normal, perfectly normal it became. Looking back, I first remember thinking about what I would later realize was ethics or morals in relation to Robert E. Lee and his decision to support his home state of Virginia against the Union.

Composing An Excellent College Essay On An Influential Person

My first contemplation of death took place after reading the correspondence of a young Union soldier who was shot and killed at Manassas before his younger bride ever received his letter. In short, my entire awareness has been shaped and influenced by my Uncle Alex's colorful pedagogy. I don't know what my life would have been without his influence but it certainly would have been different. I'm grateful that I shall never know. Uncle Alex didn't just teach me about a period of history.

He taught me about life. He taught me the power of opening young minds to the mystery of knowledge.

Most importantly, he taught me how to live life with excitement and passion. They are lessons I shall never forget. Build highly sought after skills and help fund your degree.